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Here are some common questions people have about hypnosis and RTT

  1. How “Rapid” is it? I’ve had this issue for years. Will it really be gone in 1-3 session?

    1. During an RTT session, we will uncover the core reason for your behavior rapidly. Instead of spending years guessing or digging through memories, your subconscious will reveal the root cause. Clients feel a shift in themselves in 21-30 days. The amount of time it takes for your life, health and relationships to shift and come into alignment with your new beliefs can vary.

    2. You’re getting off one path that has been taking you in the wrong direction and getting on the right path. Things will change step by step.

  2. What does it feel like?

    1. The experience feels different for some people. Some people feel a floating sensation, some do not. Most people feel relaxed and at ease. It's important to know that how it feels is not an indicator of how effective our session is. Regardless of what it feels like--it’s working. 

  3. Can I get stuck in hypnosis?  Can you control me? 

    1. No. Many people worry that hypnosis is scary or voodoo or something. It's simply a state of mind. That we each experience regularly. It's totally safe!  You are in complete control the entire time. You can get up and get a tissue, move your body, even get up and leave. (It's common for a client to get up and use the bathroom during a session) If our session is online, and gets disconnected, you may drift off to sleep if you are really relaxed, but after not hearing my voice for a while you’ll open your eyes. RTT is a collaboration. We work together to heal. I can't do it alone. You are very present with me. 

  4. How does it work?

    1. Hypnosis is not magic- it’s science. It’s just a state of mind like REM when you are sleeping. It’s the subconscious state of mind we create our beliefs in. Children are in this state from birth to age 10-12. Science can now measure this brain state. It’s called Alpha brain wave state. Since our beliefs are held here, hypnosis is amazingly effective at locating and changing beliefs that no longer serve us. It’s very easy to enter this state. In fact we do it every day right before we fall asleep. It's also where our mind is if we pray or meditate. Or if you are on "auto pilot" while driving. That's your subconscious. Not a big deal.  

  5. How do I get the best results? 

    1. Just like every area of life, you get out of it what you put it. If you are just here to see what I'm all about and not really serious about changing and healing, you wont see much change in your life. Which is super disappointing for you. If you are curious about what a session looks like, I can send you an audio recorded session that Marisa Peer did on a podcast. I listened to it myself to see what RTT was all about. If you are ready and willing to do the work and face your stuff in order to change, you will see amazing results! 

    2. If you are really wanting to change, but scared of the whole process, I understand. For people in this category, it's really beneficial to do one session to see what it's like emotionally and physically for you. Then we can schedule another session right away. I find occasionally clients need to go through the process once to trust it. That's totally fine. 

  6. What if I don’t “go deep” enough?

    1. Don’t worry about how “deep” you go. It’s really not important. The depth of hypnosis is no indicator of results at all. Some people are surprised to feel very awake and aware and still uncover exactly what is holding them back that they haven’t been able to put a finger on. Don’t worry about weather you are doing it right.  I’ll guide you 100% of the way. Just tell yourself the truth: “this is working” and it will absolutely work. Just know that it is effective.

  7. What if I think I already know the reasons behind my issue?

    1. What makes Rapid Transformational Therapy amazing is that even if you think you know the reason you do things that hurt or hinder you, in a session you are able to clearly see it in a COMPLETELY new way. That’s what allows you to change the meaning and ultimately change your beliefs. And for many clients, they go back to scenes that are totally different than what they expected. Just relax and trust that your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to see.

  8. What if I go back to scenes that are painful or scary?

    1. If you go back to scenes from your past that are painful like sexual abuse, an accident, or trauma, you will NOT relive it. You are already lived through this event, and we will simply review it to see how it is still affecting you today. I will create a safe space for you to express your emotions and heal. My own personal story includes sexual abuse and I know from personal experience that through RTT I was able to see how much that was hurting me as an adult, but I did NOT have to relive anything. It was so healing and a big reason I decided to become a professional RTT Therapist.

  9. When will I notice change?

    1. Clients who experience RTT respond in one of three ways.

      1. Instantly feeling a difference or shift

      2. Noticing small changes and shifts over the 21 -30 days of listening to the recording

      3. Retroactive change: They haven’t thought about it and suddenly they see “Oh, I haven’t even thought about that in a week!”

  10. What if I need or want another session? What’s the value?

    1. Rapid Transformational Therapy is designed to give you powerful breakthrough and create big changes in your life. Some clients may need more than one RTT session on a particular issue. Most clients benefit from a second session. This is an incredible value when you think about how traditional talk therapy costs an average of $2400 per year.