How people feel BEFORE a Rapid Transformational Therapy session with me:

  • I’m embarrassed and super frustrated. I know I shouldn’t be doing this/struggling with it. I wish I knew how to shake it.

  • I get it, my childhood was messed up. I’d like to change, not just cope. I don’t want another band-aid.

  • What if I dredge up tons of crap from my past and then feel worse?

  • I’ve stared at myself in the mirror enough- the self-talk and affirmation isn’t cutting it.

  • I’ve tried all the things, I’m beginning to think I just have to settle for this pain in my life. THAT is depressing.

  • I don’t have years and years to take to change. I have stuff I want to do in life. I want to get the healing over with so I can get on with my life!

  • I’m terrified that my kids are going to have the same issues I’m having now if something doesn’t change.

  • Is it even possible to feel whole?

  • Something’s gotta give.

Hey, I see you. I get it. I’ve been stuck. I tried so many healing modalities for almost 10 years before I found RTT. It’s hard to see that there’s hope beyond this. But there is. With RTT I was able to overcome anxiety caused by childhood abuse. I could face my past safely through hypnosis. It totally changed my life in 2 hours. I continue to work on myself but RTT was the missing link.

Here’s the truth:

  • RTT works. Click here to read how it’s helped other people.

  • You can change.

  • You can be free.

  • RTT gets to the root in your subconscious. The part that runs 95% of your life.

  • RTT has it’s foundation in the latest neuroscience. It’s proven that our brains can rewire.

This isn’t just hype. I’ve helped many of my clients get relief from issues like:

  • Anxiety

  • Self Sabotage

  • Low self esteem

  • Eating/ food issues

  • Weight issues

  • Addiction

You’re safe in an RTT session. There's no judgment. If you’re ready to change here’s what to do:

Step 1: Schedule a consultation. This is where I’ll answer any questions you have. Schedule a free consultation HERE

Step 2: Schedule an RTT Session. Once we talk I’ll send you a link to schedule. Once you schedule, you’ll get an intake form to fill out. And a pre-recording so you get to see what hypnosis feels like.

Step 3: You’ll have the session. Together we’ll find the root of your issue, release it, and choose healthy thoughts and choices that support you.

Step 4: You’ll receive a personalized transformational recording. This is yours to keep forever. It’s got everything you need to rewire your brain for success around your issue.

Step 5: You’ll receive ongoing support via email, and a 1:1 follow up call. I’ll assess if you need another session and we’ll go from there. You’ll also be added to my email community of like minded people for weekly blogs, info and encouragement.

Some comments from people AFTER an RTT session with me:

  • I feel lighter

  • I can totally see what was hurting me, and now I don’t need it

  • I got more clarity in two hours, than in years of talk therapy

  • I am not anxious anymore

  • I haven’t had obsessive thoughts since my session

  • I could look at my past and not relive it

  • I feel confident and valuable for the first time

  • I never felt judged by you even though I shared scary stuff

  • Everyone should do this!

  • I’ve started a new business/training since my session

  • I’ve lost weight!

  • I feel hope for the first time in a long time

  • I’m kind to myself

  • I am enough!!

re·liefDictionary result for relief _rəˈlēf_ noun 1. a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress. _much to her relief, she saw the door open_ synonyms_ reassur.png