Hi! I’m glad you’re here. I see you. You’ve got big goals and even bigger dreams. But your beliefs are holding you back. Beliefs like:

  • “Other people can be successful, not me.”

  • “I’m not good enough.”

  • “When people get to know the real me, they won’t stick around.”

  • “No matter how hard I try, it’s never enough.”

  • “I don’t belong.”

  • “I don’t deserve success.”

You know these beliefs aren’t true. But they’re totally stopping you. You’re stuck. Something’s gotta give.

What if I told you that by going to the place these beliefs are held, you can change them. It doesn’t have to take forever. You can replace those beliefs with healthy ones. Finally getting the peace and freedom you’ve been looking for.

You can. For real. That’s why I believe in Rapid Transformation Therapy so much.

I’m just like you. My messed up childhood didn’t stop me from living, but it did stop be from living up to my true potential for far too long. The truth is, because of my past I had a hard time feeling comfortable in my own skin. I was uncomfortable with being in groups, and didn’t feel safe with people. I didn’t feel like I belonged. I second guessed everything I did, and couldn’t accept good things in my life. I didn’t think I deserved them. I would sabotage my goals and dreams.

It was a frustrating feeling to live like this for so many years. I tried everything to get over it… talk therapy, self-help books, groups, classes, YouTube vidoes, meditation, affirmations, natural herbs - you name it. I was terrified my kids were going to end up insecure and stuck like me. I wanted them to have freedom and knew I needed to change.

But I could never get myself to revisit the stuff in my past that trapped me there to begin with. I just couldn't go there. I tried. And it hurt too much.

It wasn’t until I heard about Rapid Transformational Therapy for the first time that I knew RTT could make a difference in my life. I knew I needed to go to my past. And with RTT, I could review it and not relive it. It wasn’t going to send me home all torn up inside and feeling raw. This was a game changer for me.

It’s amazing to say my life changed almost immediately. Because I addressed the issue in a subconscious state, I was finally successful in getting on course with a path I could manage throughout my lifetime. This was what I’d been looking for!

Now I’m free to be myself and do the things that I need to do to show up in life and show my kids what it looks like to succeed at achieving their dreams.

Are you ready to finally feel comfortable and free to be you?



I’m a 20 year healthcare veteran, working with the disabled, patients in hospice, and patients living in poverty. I’ve always been passionate about helping others live fully and successfully, and I’ve carried that same mentality over as a Rapid Transformation Therapist.

As a Rapid Transformational Therapist, I’ve been able to help people get free from limiting beliefs, whether that’s around weight, in relationships, emotional pain, or in business.

I learned a hard lesson of what it’s like to have your past block you from success when I started and closed my first business.

During my 20’s I opened a homeless shelter for women escaping from lifetimes of poverty. I quickly recognized the importance of helping people release inner trauma from their subconscious before they could truly move on with their lives.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the ability to help those women and had to close my doors. My realization not only pushed me towards my bigger goal of changing others lives, but also helped me realize I had to change my own life. Up until this time, I pushed my past down as far as I could. I told myself, you’re over that. Just don’t think about it. But it was there, right under the surface. Effecting every area of my life.

The truth is no matter who we are, what we do, or how “good” our lives appear, if past programming is holding us back we must heal the root causes of behavior in order to change.

While working on healing myself, I learned many methods don’t show you how to be free of an issue, but just to cope with it. That’s so discouraging.

My Personal Story

I had trauma in my childhood. I was abused by my father and knew I needed to deal with that in order to heal. But in order to heal, I thought I had to relive it and that scared the crap out of me. I decided to deal with my pain in silence. I would get as close as I could and then go home and cry. I understood why I was doing what I was doing, but now how to stop.

I just wanted to live life like a healthy person. But I didn’t know how.

It wasn’t until I experienced Rapid Transformational Therapy that I got free from that abuse being in my mind and memories still affecting me.

My experience in hypnosis was calm and relaxing. I was aware and had complete control. I was able to find relief from years of pain that I hadn’t been able to touch on my own. I began to understand years of behaviors and patterns, and began rewiring my brain. Mainly I found what I’d been looking for. How to STOP the behaviors.

I was able to go to the past and heal. It was after about 15 days of listening to my transformational recording I got from my session, that I just broke down crying. My beliefs were actually changing and I was like, ‘I don’t need to be mean to myself anymore. I am good!”

This might sound crazy, but for me it was life changing!

I am living proof Rapid Transformational Therapy works. It’s worked in my life as well as countless others that I have had the privilege of working with in my practice.

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