Welcome to Life Back RTT! I'm Cyrina Talbott, Certified RTT and Hypnotherapist


I got introduced to the painful realities of being truly stuck in life in my twenties, when I started a homeless shelter for women. We provided all of their physical needs and provided lots of training. But the beliefs these beautiful women created in childhood, held them back so much. It was there that I learned that willpower alone does not change us. We must heal the root.  And they did not have years to spend in talk therapy to overcome or learn to cope with life. 

That started my quest to find solutions. It also started my own journey of healing. I've tried all kinds of modalities. Some of them wonderful and amazing, some very painful and not helpful. All of them take months or even years of daily repetition.  To live in pain for years can feel terribly discouraging and hopeless. 

The first day I heard about Marisa Peer's Rapid Trasformational Therapy, I signed up to learn it. I also signed up for a session! 

I know without a doubt that it works. It worked in my own life and countless others that I know personally. Watching Marisa work with clients right in front of me in the classroom was incredible. This is not hype. It's science-based. Now that we can accurately measure how our brains operating we are finding out they really can change.  So we know without a doubt what Marisa Peer has been practicing effectively for three and a half decades. 

I am so grateful to offer RTT to those who are ready to see change in their lives! 



- pablo picasso