I recently underwent hypnosis (with Cyrina in an RTT session) and I will tell you I have never in my life seen the world like this. I have gone through my first 39 years being victim to rejection, abandonment, physical and sexual abuse. I was constantly over-analyzing everything so I could be prepared for anything. And I kept incorporating the very same people into my life that hurt me. The last two months I can say that I have felt contentment, joy and the world is just plain brighter. I am aligning myself with healthy poeple, whereas I was always suspicious of this kind because it was not something I felt or was taught that I deserved. And this was only after the first visit!

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Highly recommend RTT with Cyrina. I think everyone should try it at least once. It’s a great technique for someone who wants better understanding of any aspect of your life and your thought patterns so thoughts can be rerouted and outcomes improved. Great Stuff!- Carolina

I have picked my fingernails and cuticles for as long as I can remember. Damage to the nail beds had caused my nails to become thick, rigid and misshapen. I unconsciously tore at my nails and my skin constantly, especially when I was bored or concentrating. Other people could see and hear me doing it. I was embarrassed to get manicures or even grown my nails to any length.
After one session with Cyrina, I was able to understand the reason behind my behavior and the compulsion was 90% gone! While I do occasionally catch my self starting to pick, I’m able to consciously stop. Two weeks after our session my nails are already starting to look healthier! I fully expect, in time to go the extra 10% and be able to treat myself to manicures! Thank you Cyrina!

Before my RTT session I was afraid it might not work and that I’d be disappointed. I knew Cyrina had a heart for helping people. I wanted to focus on releasing weight emotional eating.
RTT has been absolutely life changing. I feel like an emotionally healthy whole person now. It’s not an overnight process and I have done several sessions but, it is the fastest and most effective therapy I’ve encountered. It is also very affordable for someone like me that doesn’t have insurance. I feel like I have a tool box I can pull from now. Whenever I feel off I can just listen to one of my recordings and it’s like hitting a reset button.
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I wasn’t sure what was going to come up once I started looking in my past. And I really did not want to share it with anyone else. But I had basically shut down and felt like a shell of a man walking around. It was affecting every aspect of my life. I knew Cyrina was kind and trusted her, so I scheduled a session.
I am now starting to believe in myself again. I am starting to open up and take risks by speaking my mind and sharing my thoughts. RTT offers hope. Thank you!