The Whole Point

The Whole Point

Hosted by: Christy Bartelt

Christy and Cyrina dish on how they've learned to see the gifts in the mess and joy of life and how you can too. Because that's the Whole Point


F*ck It! with Cyrina and Christy

Season #2 Episode #37

Ok friends! Most of the time Christy and I don’t swear. But when we do, we go all out! So if that’s not your cup of tea, you’re going to want to skip right over this episode. Just note that we’re taking August off, to...
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HeartMath - Releasing the Past and Inviting A Brighter Future with Verad Kogan

Season #2 Episode #36

Did you know your heart has a brain? And once you know how to connect with it in a more powerful way- life starts to get fun!! Today we’re talking about the science behind our hearts with Vered Kogan, trainer at the...
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Re-introducing Ourselves with Cyrina and Christy

Season #2 Episode #35

Are you new here? Want to learn a little more about how Christy and Cyrina grew up, how we got into the healing profession, and what we love most about working with clients? We all have stories, today we share ours....
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Learning Things - Practice Trumps Perfection

Season #2 Episode #34

Is the voice in your head a kind coach or a crap coach? The answer to that question determines the trajectory of your life. So if it’s a crap coach- fire him/her asap!! We’ll show you how to get a kind coach that...
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I Am Enough with Cyrina and Christy

Season #2 Episode #33

Is saying “I am enough” too simple? In this episode, we make the case for these three powerful words. What these words represent is kind of a big deal. Simple yet profound- like everything life-changing. We do what we...
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Toxic Christianity with Jo Luehmann

Season #2 Episode #32

This week we keep it light- dismantling White supremacy and toxic Christianity... Why? Because in order to truly heal, these subjects must be addressed. There’s a legacy of abuse and trauma inside the Christian...
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Do The Hard Thing First With Cyrina and Christy

Season #2 Episode #30

We all know that we need to create the habit of doing the hard things first. But how does that work in real life? It might surprise you to find out! Do you struggle with motivation? Are you really good when you have...
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The Truth About Upper Limits - With Cyrina and Christy

Season #2 Episode #29

Are old beliefs showing up that you thought you already dealt with? Do you feel like maybe you’ve made zero progress even though you’ve done tons of work on yourself? Does some part of you want to give up? It could be...
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Fear to Joy - Understanding the Emotion Scale with Christy and Cyrina

Season #2 Episode #28

So you’ve started to heal. You used to be more anxious, now you’re angry. Is that good or bad? Are you making progress? How can you feel better more often? What’s your set point? Today we want to share a powerful tool...
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Review of "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle - With Christy and Cyrina

Season #2 Episode #27

It's one of the most buzzed about books of the year and it was released right as we settled into 'safe at home'  mode.   It's a book about blowing up a good enough life, and bravely following your inner widsom.  As...
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It's Time To Start Thinking About The Future

Season #2 Episode #26

Are you feeling a shift? Are you needing some encouragement? A fresh start? That’s what we’re feeling! So this week we have a tool for you. You’ve probably already heard of the concept of connecting with your future...
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Have You Run Out Of Things To Say? - With Cyrina and Christy

Season #2 Episode #25

We are enjoying all this extra time with family, for the most part.  But on day (what day is it?) of isolation what do we talk about now?  How to make this time count?  The majority of us have no clue!  But we WANT...
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