The Hope Filled Energy of 2022

Season #3 Episode #16

You know how animals move inland when there’s a hurricane? They just feel like that’s what they need to do instinctually. Are you feeling any of that around 2022? Christy and I are definitely feeling a preparing energy, but not in a ‘getting ready for the worst’ sort of way.

This week we share our thoughts on what’s coming for 2022. And how we’re both being led to be ready for it.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Prepping in fear vs preparing in faith
  • What we are each doing personally to get ready for 2022
  • How the energy feels collectively
  • What we’re seeing on a large scale and how it’s similar to individual healing
  • Community
  • Handling emotions so we can listen to our intuition
  • Squirrel suitcases
  • Mountain climbing in Utah
  • Canned corn