Kelly Trach - How To Find Your Genius

Season #3 Episode #17

You are in for a treat for the next three weeks! We are talking to Kelly Trach about Genius. What it is, how to follow it and why it’s the most important part of success. As usual, Christy and I are finding out what it means in real life- how do we really find our Genius among kids, jobs, and crazy life stuff.

And Kelly shows us! In this first of three episodes, she shares what genius means. What it looked like for her to follow her own genius and a really cool story of one of her clients connecting with her genius to create a business she loves (that has a great cashflow too!)

Things we touch on:

  • Kelly’s impressive and cool history of working at Tesla, speaking for Uber and NASDAQ, studying in Paris, etc.
  • Defining ‘Genius’ in Kelly’s terms
  • Who are the geniuses in our world and how they work differently
  • How the marketplace is changing and finding your genius is the key to thriving today
  • How genius and intuition go together
  • A red recliner in a cabin in Canada…

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