Kelly Trach - You Don't Need More Time or Experience

Season #3 Episode #18

We are continuing the conversation with Kelly Trach about Genius. This week Kelly shares why you don’t need more time or experience to start reaching our goals. In a world filled with information, and feeling like we need just one more thing to get it right, this hit hard!

What if you know everything you need to know right now to do what you need to do right now to reach your dream?! What if your genius has been there all along even when you didn’t know you were using it?

Things we talk about:

  • How needing more time and certifications can be a limiting belief
  • The concept of ‘The Red Thread’
  • Recognizing how your genius has always been there
  • One of Kelly’s powerful formula for shifting how you speak about your genius
  • Cosmically shifting the universe toward everyone doing their unique genius
  • How to go after your dream when you don’t know how
  • When genius usually shows up in a way we recognized
  • YOLO

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