What To Do When Intuition Leads You Uphill

Season #3 Episode #20

What do you do when your intuition leads you straight uphill into a challenge? What do you do when the path that’s supposed to be flow and ease, has some major resistance?

Christy and Cyrina dig into this. As we teach people to trust their intuition, this is one of the main stumbling blocks. What do I do when it’s hard? Is hard meaning hustle? Is intuition always easy?

Join us for answers, conversations and comfort- You’re not alone here!

What we touch on:

  • 2022 feels like it’s straight up hill
  • How resistance is really good
  • The 3 main causes of resistance
  • How logic stops us
  • When friends and family discourage your vision
  • How your wants guide your life

Book referenced: ‘Do The Work’ by Steve Pressfield

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