Getting Unstuck with Teri Kerr

Season #3 Episode #21

Do you ever beat yourself up because you procrastinate and don’t get everything you want accomplished in a day? We all do. Carrying around way more guilt than we need to over wasting time.

In this episode Christy and I talk with Teri Kerr about her perspective on procrastination and how you can change how you think about it completely so that you have peace and get more sh*t done!

What we hit on:

  • Permission to procrastinate
  • Different types of procrastinators
  • How to tame social media
  • Hockey
  • Her dog Indie’s Twitter page
  • How Teri came to name her business Unstuck Duck
  • Creative Warrior
  • Reevaluating how you’re living your life

Teri Kerr is an Executive Coach and Empowerment Strategist with the Unstuck Duck Coaching. She helps women entrepreneurs to create a career (and a life!) that is both fulfilling and profitable, by overcoming the self-sabotage that keeps them stuck in the muck!

Teri is a hockey mom, cancer survivor, creative warrior and bad ass ball of sunshine from Victoria BC Canada. When she's not empowering people to live life with purpose on purpose, she is networking, painting, canning pickles or hiking with her golden mountain dog Indy.

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