The Whole Point

The Whole Point

Hosted by: Christy Bartelt

Christy and Cyrina dish on how they've learned to see the gifts in the mess and joy of life and how you can too. Because that's the Whole Point


Getting Unstuck with Teri Kerr

Season #3 Episode #21

Do you ever beat yourself up because you procrastinate and don’t get everything you want accomplished in a day? We all do. Carrying around way more guilt than we need to over wasting time. In this episode Christy and...
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What To Do When Intuition Leads You Uphill

Season #3 Episode #20

What do you do when your intuition leads you straight uphill into a challenge? What do you do when the path that’s supposed to be flow and ease, has some major resistance? Christy and Cyrina dig into this. As we teach...
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Kelly Trach - How Your Idols Reflect Your Genius

Season #3 Episode #19

Do you have any idols? Anyone who you look at and wish you could be just like them? Or maybe you’re jealous. This week Kelly shares the magic we can find when we pay attention to who we idolize. It holds a key to...
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Kelly Trach - You Don't Need More Time or Experience

Season #3 Episode #18

We are continuing the conversation with Kelly Trach about Genius. This week Kelly shares why you don’t need more time or experience to start reaching our goals. In a world filled with information, and feeling like we...
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Kelly Trach - How To Find Your Genius

Season #3 Episode #17

You are in for a treat for the next three weeks! We are talking to Kelly Trach about Genius. What it is, how to follow it and why it’s the most important part of success. As usual, Christy and I are finding out what...
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The Hope Filled Energy of 2022

Season #3 Episode #16

You know how animals move inland when there’s a hurricane? They just feel like that’s what they need to do instinctually. Are you feeling any of that around 2022? Christy and I are definitely feeling a preparing...
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Healing Through Grief, Ariel's Story Part 3

Season #3 Episode #15

Today concludes our conversation with Ariel. Christy and I feel like we’ve been given a gift through Ariel’s story and are so happy that we get to share it with you. Please let us know what you think! This is a little...
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Healing Through Grief, Ariel's Story Part 2

Season #3 Episode #14

Today we continue with Part 2 of Healing Through Grief, Ariel’s Story. This episode focuses on all the ways Ariel was being prepared to be there for her dad- even though she didn’t know it was coming. And even though...
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Healing Through Grief - An Interview with Ariel Arnson - Part 1 of 3

Season #3 Episode #13

Today we are going in a little different direction than usual. Christy and I are interviewing Ariel Arnson about the experience she’s had with the recent passing of her father.  In this episode she shares vulnerably...
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Practice Now For 2022

Season #3 Episode #11

This week Cyrina interviewed Christy about her plans for 2022 and how she’s started with her goals already in December. After listening, you may want to start planning now for 2022 as well! What we talked...
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Gratitude That Works

Season #3 Episode #10

You’ve experienced “cheap gratitude” right? A time when you were grateful because you ‘should’ be grateful. Or “at least it’s not worse.” This results in feeling guilty instead of grateful! Defeating the whole...
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Stop Unnecessary Suffering

Season #3 Episode #8

Pain is part of life, but suffering doesn’t have to be. Suffering is when you prolong pain instead of moving through it naturally. How do you tell if what you’re experiencing is pain or suffering? How can you decrease...
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