The Kick Ass Life Program


RAPIDLY shift behaviors and beliefs that stop you

Master your emotions so you can RESPOND and quit reacting

Take CONFIDENT action without second-guessing yourself

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You have big goals and a vision for what you and your business are on the planet to accomplish. You work hard, set goals and make audacious plans. Only to have self sabotage, fear, procrastination or hiding completely rob you of your dreams.

You’ve tried to change. You have the affirmations on your mirror. You’ve tried therapy, business coaching, personal development programs, meditation, ALL THE THINGS. But you know this is deeper. And you’re right!! When ALL THE THINGS aren’t working, it’s because you have programming in your mind that is working against you.

That’s where the Kick Ass Life program comes in. I work with you 1:1 to change that old programming quickly. AND you get support from a powerful community as you learn to WALK into that life that you are meant to be living. The life you have when that programming changes.

Experience the powerful combination of 1:1 Transformational Coaching & Kick Ass Group for Real Results in your business and life

My philosophy is to teach my clients. I teach you how to do the work WITHOUT me at the end of our time together. I give you homework and then we practice together at the same time as you are practicing in your day to day life. Now, with group coaching, you are doing the work with amazing entrepreneurs who are courageous enough to do the work too!

Kick Ass Group Coaching Topics:

  • Boundaries

  • Mastering Emotions

  • Creating your Ideal Business and Life

  • Accountability for Mindset Habits

  • Powerful Transformational Mindset Recording each month

"I have worked with every other process available: from behavioral, cognitive & Jungian psychology on the traditional end of the scale: to law of attraction & affirmations on the more new age end. I have also read every self-help book ever written & nothing really worked. I still battled with weight and under-earning. When Cyrina used RTT there was no wonder I kept living those patterns over and over again.” - Jane

Invest in yourself 

Kick Ass Life Group Program

$3600 ($600 per month)

6 months

  • You’ll get 3 hours 1:1 coaching the first month, then 1 hour each month after

  • You’ll have access to 8 hours per month of group coaching with the Kick Ass Community

  • Group Coaching where you will be encouraged and supported while you learn alongside business owners on the same journey of growth.
  • 1:1 Coaching that is customized to your needs and goals for healing, overcoming overwhelm, taking action and trusting your gut. 1:1 sessions include Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy session.
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