Hey Coaches! Are you sick of wasting time trying to be a therapist for struggling clients?


Leave the therapy to me! 

Are you frustrated with spending a ton of time and energy to get clients to take 2 steps forward, only to have them take 3 steps back because of old programs?

It's not your fault. 

Are you worried you won’t get an ROI for clients who are stuck emotionally?

Why not outsource that mindset and healing work?

You have an amazing program. But, do you ever wonder why some clients get amazing results, while others don't? Keep reading...

One Word: Trauma

Trauma prevents some clients from being able to take action. You may both feel like you are wasting your time. You feel frustrated. You see their potential, but they can’t see their own. Because… Trauma. Even if it's not huge, past experience can mess with the most willing clients...

It's not just a "Mindset Problem".

That's one tiny piece of the puzzle. 

Trauma lives in the body. It shows up by tiny little triggers and if your client has never gone to therapy or never addressed their trauma with a professional, it will continue to haunt them. They will remain stuck in the weeds, unable to take action and full of procrastination. No amount of coaching can cure them. 

How Transformational Coaching Works

Your clients aren't lazy or unmotivated. 

They just need a different kind of support. 

Hi! I’m Cyrina Talbott, I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, who specializes in using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to help clients heal from trauma related experiences that are holding them back. 

I love to partner with business coaches and life coaches to work with your client while they are in your program, so that your clients can heal from their trauma by a licensed professional, so that they can get better results from working with you. 

Trauma is tricky and coaches oftentimes don’t realize their client has trauma until they have been triggered. I know you don’t mean to cause harm, I know you want the best for them.

This is just what I need!
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Hard Way

Client struggles to take action and gets no or less-than stellar results and they leave your coaching program frustrated. Therapy will take years to get them results. 

Easy Way 

We work together for 3 months, providing the support they need to heal and they will be taking action and getting amazing results in no time!

Elaine Turso, Business Consultant

"I am so thankful to have Cyrina as a partner to help my clients. I have been in multiple situations where I did a ton of work for a client only to have her bail on me. What I learned after talking with Cyrina, there were signs of trauma that I was not qualified to address. Now that we have a partnership, I can send my clients to her to heal their trauma so that when I get their launch details finalized and put together, they aren't  sabotaging themselves!" 

Schedule 1:1 call with me to learn more