Who's in the Driver's Seat?

Feb 14, 2022
Cyrina Talbott - Who's Driving your life?

If your life is a car, who’s driving? Like I know you get up in the morning and brush your teeth and drink your coffee and stuff, but what are you thinking and feeling most of the day? Are you frustrated, spaced out, overwhelmed, full of joy, afraid, just going through the motions?

Are you driving or is something or someone, else?

Take a second to just picture your life as the car and notice who or what is driving. Let your imagination show you.

In my life I used to have a big drivers seat apparently, because it was everyone else. I needed approval from everyone, so they got to drive. What does this person want me to do, and the wheel would turn that way. Oh someone else wants me to do this and the wheel would turn that way. What will they think of me? Turn that way. Until I was just going in circles, exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated because I was working hard, and getting nowhere.

And because I was’t actually driving, life was happening to me. I didn’t really get to decide where I wanted to go. That didn’t even seem like an option. I was in survival mode. Having everyone else drive led me to full burnout.

My business closed, I wasn’t able to please anyone, felt like a complete failure, and through hitting that rock bottom, woke up to the fact that I was allowing others to drive my life.
I learned it was my responsibility to drive by I had no idea how or what that looked like, but I knew that was the only option from here on out.

So without knowing what the heck I was doing, I began to learn the manual, I began to learn about mindset, boundaries, emotions, thoughts and after a while I began to trust myself and my ability to drive my own life.

Today, I’m a fantastic driver, I get to choose where I want to go and trust that I can actually get there. I get to have fun, and everybody elses opinions are NOT allowed to drive. They are there, I care what people think and get scared, but I get to stay in the drivers seat.

I’ve learned a ton of tools in the last 10 years to help me get to a place of feeling like I have a kick ass life and that I’m driving and having fun. In my upcoming workshop Kick Overwhelm to the Curb, I want to share my best tools with you so that you can feel great about where your life is going too. Maybe you need to get back in the driver's seat or maybe you just started and need some support. You don't have to take 10 years to get there.

And if you want to share in the comments who's driving, I'd love to hear it!


Register for our event: https://www.cyrinatalbott.com/kick-overwhelm-to-curb

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