The Emotional Cycle of Change- You Don't Suck, Change Does!

Aug 19, 2022

I have been reading the book “The 12 Week Year” and bumped into this concept of ‘The Emotional Cycle of Change’ created by researches Kelley and Conner. It’s old (1970) so I’m late to the party, but it’s so helpful! 

The cycle is the same is growth mindset and how our neuropathways change. 

Our job as business owners and people who want to change, is to learn and accept this cycle. And if you have past trauma, the valley is deeper and harder to get out of. Your mindset is key. 

I made a video talking about this in greater detail here:

Here’s the visual so that you know this process next time you are starting a new project, skill or venture. I like this one that Mind Affinity created. 

If you are in the ‘Pit of Despair’ right now here are some things to know:

This is good!! You don’t get to this point without courage to be willing to change. You’ve tried something new. You are living- Congrats!

You’re halfway there! It gets better from here- don’t give up!

Remember your ‘Why’ Take some time to remind yourself why you are doing this. Your ‘Why’ will keep you going. Is it your kids? Is it time and money freedom? Is it impact? Is it fun? 

Get help Past programming and trauma making this whole process excruciating? Working with a coach can take a ton of fear, procrastination and drama out of this process for you. I don’t know of anyone who did this alone… 

Lastly, Take a good look at this graphic-memorize it- you may be right on track and just didn’t know it. In this process we can feel like we suck, but it’s just the process that sucks! 

Your vision is important. Don’t give up. You got this!


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