Subconscious vs Conscious - Are you on the winning team? by Cyrina Talbott

May 22, 2019
Are you on the winning team? Kick Ass Life Blog by Cyrina Talbott

Are You On The Winning Team?

 May 21, 2019
by Cyrina Talbott

Did you ever watch a kids sports game where one team is just pummeling the other? It’s 38 to 0 and they just keep going. At some point everyone just wants someone to end the agony. It’s not a fair fight, that’s dreadfully obvious.

Your subconscious is that team that has 38 points. And you, in your conscious mind have zero. That’s because your subconscious runs 90%, some scientists say as much as 97% of your life! So anytime you try to change behaviors or habits, you are up against this powerful subconscious team. Godspeed is all I can say. And all that anyone can really say.

You can’t beat ‘em. So you really should join ‘em! The wonderful thing about our mind is that in the end we are on the same team. It’s more like a scrimmage. So in order to succeed at changing any belief that’s holding you back, you can simply go over to the subconscious side. How?

The subconscious brainwave state is called Alpha. The conscious is called Beta. So getting into an Alpha state is key. When are you in Alpha? Every human operates in this state regularly. Kids from age birth to 7 or so, live there. That’s when we get programmed. As adults we live in Beta, unless we are doing the following:

  • Watching TV

  • Zoned out while driving or on our phones

  • Reading a book

  • Meditating

  • Praying

  • Right before we get up or fall asleep

  • While in a “flow” state- where you’re creating and lose track of time

  • When you’re exercising and get a second wind

  • In hypnosis

So if you want to change a habit, now you know some good ways. One of the most effective of these is hypnotherapy, because it’s a very purposeful environment. You don’t usually choose to reprogram your mind while running or watching tv. Those are times you’re focusing on other things- like breathing or what items you should Marie Kondo out of your house. Meditation has been proven to relieve anxiety. I highly recommend it. As well as prayer.

Rapid Transformational Therapy on the other hand, combines the benefit of being in the Alpha brainwave state, with components of talk, cognitive behavioral, and neuro-linguistic programming therapies. So you get amazing results because you’re on the winning team. Which is really your team anyway. It’s the part that’s really running the show. That’s why people get rapid results.

One client was struggling to have good relationships. Her conscious knew that she was a good person who deserved people in her life who would treat her well. Her subconscious didn’t really care about that. It kept leading her to people who treated her like crap. Then she would have to end the relationship, then she’d be alone. Which is not a fun way to live your life.

So in a Rapid Transformational Therapy session, we were able to find out what was going on with the 90%, her subconscious, that was choosing crappy people. What we found out was that she was programmed when she was a kid to be around mean people. She had a big family and her sister treated her terribly. While her mom was too busy with the other kids to notice too much. So she never got healthy, loving attention. She got treated like she wasn’t wanted.

This part was winning 38-0, no matter how hard she tried. Until that session. Now her subconscious is working FOR her. Knowing she never has to be treated that way again. That was when she was a kid, now she’s an adult and free. She knew that consciously, but had never communicated it clearly with her subconscious. And never looked at exactly what the subconscious was holding onto. This is powerful stuff!! Healthy relationships are the whole point of life. You can never be truly happy if you keep having painful interactions and connections with people.

Now she’s using that 90% to find amazing relationships.

This isn’t a space where we blame and hate our parents. There are no perfect humans. So each and every one of us have experienced things in these formative years where we get programmed about our self worth and how to relate to other people. In a session we are able to deal with the issue and release our parents, who after all were just doing what they were programmed, as well as ourselves.

I love this so much. Every May is Mental Health Awareness Month. My goal is always to shed light on all the shame and stigma related to those fighting this battle that’s literally 90% rigged against you. So for anyone struggling, I hope that you see that you’re stronger than you think. You’re outnumbered, but you still show up! You’re brave and courageous! But if you’re still struggling, I really want to encourage you to join the winning team. You can win this. You can change those beliefs and change your life. You got this!

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