How to make difficult decisions with confidence

Mar 21, 2022
How to make difficult decisions with confidence

Raise your hand if you struggle to make a 'right' decision? You spend hours making pros and cons lists, you over analyze, and spend way too much time worrying about if it was the right or wrong decision. 

How do you make a confident decision? This idea fascinates me and is something that I spend a lot of time supporting people with because if we don’t make confident decisions, we are left feeling really anxious and worried that we are missing out. It can negatively affect our businesses and lives. I used to second guess everything I did and said and I’ll tell you, it wastes a ton of energy!!

It can feel like maybe I’m missing my true purpose. Maybe I’m not where I’m supposed to be right now. Maybe I chose the wrong path and I’m wasting my time, or even my life. Maybe if I ditch this and do so and so’s program, things will be better. Shiny object syndrome is real! 

So when it comes time to trust our decision- when it gets hard or confusing, we waiver, we procrastinate, we second guess ourselves and we can spin in circles or craziness.

How do you stop that? How do you just decide and then move forward in confidence?

First you have to know what stops you from making confident decisions:

  • Fear of doing it wrong
  • Giving the decision more clout than it really has
  • Not trusting your gut/intuition
  • Deciding out of emotions instead of wisdom\
  • Fear of what others will think

Every time you operate from those spaces, you are actually in the area of your brain that shuts off rational thought. You’ve got to learn to bring wisdom to decision making.

Here’s how:

  • Allow yourself to be wrong, and to mess up. Make friends with practice
  • You are not God, you cannot alter your life’s mission by screwing up- you cannot miss what’s meant for you by making a dumb decision- it might just take longer
  • Forgive your past mistakes, if you are still holding on to past mistakes, you’ll bring fear into your current decisions and that will create crazy
  • Trust your intuition/gut! If it feels horrible, take a time out. Get quiet and listen. Don’t move forward with decisions that feel awful just because you think you have to. Revisit where I share about ‘should’s’ if you want to learn more about this.
  • Don’t make decisions when you are emotional. Wait to calm down and get more clarity. Notice if you are just reacting and take time to process and respond.
  • Make your peace and well being more important than what others think- otherwise you’ll live a life of regret.

We’re going to dive deep into this in my upcoming workshop Kick Overwhelm To The Curb March 29th 2022. Join me for more tools to be able to make a decision and just stick with it.

If you know this is something you need to work on in your life, shoot me a message and see which one of my programs can help you make wise decisions that take you to your goals.

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