I hate everyone, give me a 'to do' list...

May 02, 2022

When I went to therapy for the first time, it was a big deal. I never wanted to go. I grew up thinking that ‘shrinks’ were full of crap and not helpful. That therapy was just a place to whine about problems and air dirty laundry. But here I was, after exhausting all other possibilities and getting nowhere and about to lose my business,  sitting in the living room of a family friend who was a retired therapist that I trusted. 

“I hate everyone, I’m totally overwhelmed and just want to feel better. Could you give me a ‘to do’ list or maybe a pill so we can get this over with?” This was what I said to her. She just laughed. And let me know we’d be doing more than just checking a ‘to do’ list. We were going to be talking about the past. 

I didn’t see why the past was important. I had buried that very far down thank you very much. I didn’t think about it and didn’t think it was messing with me. What I learned by working with her was that even though I didn’t know it,  it was every single day. I was losing relationships, saying yes to everyone and everything and waking up at 3 am to rehash every conversation I had to try to be perfect. I felt worthless and like I didn’t belong most of the time. Because of the things I shoved down from my past. 

What I learned from this amazing woman was why I hated everyone. Why I couldn’t say no to anyone and why I needed to be perfect so badly. While it was great to know why, what I really wanted was to change. To behave differently in my life. This led me to Rapid Transformational Therapy that I do with clients today. 

Every client that works with me is brave and I tell them that. They are facing their past, and doing the work to get free of it. I'm sure some of them have their doubts about me like I had! I have worked with college kids and retired prison guards. Psychologists, professors and doctors, business coaches and therapists. Millionaires and people in poverty. Most of them are NOT crazy about seeing me. But they get it. They know enough is enough. They need to change and maybe this crazy hypnotherapy process can help. More than one client has said, “I’m ready to rip off the bandaid and move past this, let’s go.” 

So what happens when we go there? What does it really look like? Well, we do look at the past, but in a way that is empowering, where you are reviewing things instead of reliving things. You get to break old patterns for good. You look at the past for the shortest amount of time necessary to get healing. Like surgery.

People realize that they are stronger than they thought. That the fears are old. They were real in childhood and now they have the power to rewrite the story. They get to be the hero of their lives instead of the victim of circumstances. 

They realize through this powerful yet gentle healing process that they can set down the huge burden’s they’ve been carrying. 

Here are what people who have the courage to ‘go there’ have learned: 

  • How to let go of the regrets from decisions made as a teen that made him feel shame, (which he totally didn’t know was hurting his bottom line) and not let it influence his business anymore, 20 years later. 
  • How to let go of the 30 year old fear of her dad yelling at her and take massive action in her business easily- free from that old weight.
  • How to take action to get out of a toxic relationship, even when growing up that’s all he saw. He’s free now to attract the relationship he deserves. 
  • That she can quit her job of taking care of everyone, and take care of herself- this has improved her health, marriage and joy level in amazing ways!
  • How to operate her business without burning out and make great money having fun along the way! 
  • How to trust his gut and be the leader he wants to be in his business and life. 
  •  How to value herself by saying no to draining clients, and have her best month ever. 


I want you to know this too. Every single thing that holds you back can be changed. Just knowing that helps you start to be free. My job in this process is to make it as painless and fast as possible. My purpose is to remove anything that gets in the way of you shining your light in this world. The world needs you! We don’t spend years and years on this stuff. You don’t have years and years! You have a life! You have things you need to do. I really believe there is a call on your life to do great things. Don’t let the past stand in your way. 

Obviously I no longer think therapy is about whining. It's a powerful tool for change. It's how you get where you want to go in life. 

If you’re ready to ‘go there’ and be free to shine your light in this world the way you know you are meant to, click here. 


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